Military Tactical Vests


In the event of combat or other life threatening situations, tactical clothing is necessary as a means of protection for a personnel who needs to be safeguarded while in action.

In this piece of writing we will talk about a particular tactical clothing; the vest. A tactical vest is used as a basic way of protection for the torso of the body in almost any situation. It is used by individuals who need to move swiftly without being seen while still being protected from external elements. These personnel’s include all level in the various law enforcement groups.

Apart from the head, the chest area is probably the area of the body that gets the most exposure. In the event of a fight, persons need to guard these vulnerable areas from unseen objects or ammunition that targets your upper body which otherwise cannot be stopped outside of wearing a protective vest. A vest can be considered as any covering like a bullet proof vest or just a vest filled with padded insulation. It is normally best though to have on a vest which shields you from bullets, this is good for both practical training and real life events.

The type of vest is determined by what organization the vest will be worn. In most cases a military servant would wear a more heavy duty vest in comparison to a police officer in some cases, depending on the intensity of the situation each entity has to face. Tactical vest can either be thin and lightweight or thick and insulated but always with many pockets. Lightweight vest are mostly used for hot and humid temperatures so persons can be protected from the harshness sun but in the same instance be able to keep you cool while moving through the terrain quickly. Thicker and insulated vest are more appropriate for cooler regions.

Tactical vest are usually worn over a shirt, however it can also be worn underneath. Tactical vest are usually created from high quality fabrics such as nylon, ballistic materials and aramid fibers which are formed together to create tactical clothing that provides the wearer the highest level of protection, with the least amount of trauma effect. These materials also make the vest very comfortable to wear, so it fits on whoever wears it.

Vests are built in all different sizes according to different body types so it isn’t too big or too small for the person. While it offers you maximum protection, tactical vest also give you the flexibility of being mobile. Using a vest that makes a person uncomfortable would create problems during times of travel. It always suggested that a vest is made waterproof so it is able to withstand all different types of weather conditions.

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