Proper Military Gear, From Tactical to Tactile


Soldiers, pilots, sailors and other men and women who serve in the military need different types of equipment. For example, a pilot in the air force does not need a rifle and a marine does not need a pilot’s helmet. However, there are many needs that overlap the various military forces, most of which have to do with making sure a person’s body is in the best shape. For example, here are some needs that all military personnel have:

  • Protective Armor – physical protection of some kind is absolutely necessary, whether you are in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. This could mean heavy body armor to protect you during combat or the type of armor you need on your vehicle to protect against explosions. This type of equipment is provided by the military, and you can never have enough.
  • Proper Clothing – as any military personnel will tell you, it is difficult enough to try and serve a tour of duty without having to compensate for the wrong type of clothing. Having heavy fatigues or the wrong type of boot in the desert can not only be uncomfortable, but dangerous. Sometimes you have to spring for your own gear, due to the specific needs you might have. Families often send such clothing items as underwear, undershirts, socks and so forth to soldiers stationed overseas because these are serious needs all soldiers have.
  • Dry Hands – when it comes to having the necessary military gear, dry hands are an absolute must. The challenge is, if you are stationed in the desert, the jungle or some other locale that leads to a great deal of perspiration, trying to keep your hands dry is next to impossible. In cases such as these, having a product that can keep your hands dry is a huge advantage. Dealing with local forces, dealing with the enemy or even trying to keep your military commander happy with your performance can often rest on your ability to keep your palms free from sweat.
  • Bug Spray – each part of the world has its own wild life, some of which is difficult to realize. During the Vietnam War, one of the major complaints of soldiers was having to deal with the exotic types of bugs one finds in the jungle. Being able to keep yourself bite free, sting free and free from sickness (for example, mosquitoes can spread malaria) is essential to effectively performing your duties.

These are just a few of the universal needs every soldier, military officer, commanding officer and individual military personnel needs in order to serve their country. Some of these seem obvious (ammo, bullet proof vests) but some are much more subtle (dry hands). Either way, having effective military gear can mean the different between being confident in performing your duties and being distracted by everything around you. The right tactical gear can make all the difference for you, your company and the specific orders you have to carry out.

 Article Source: Proper Military Gear, From Tactical to Tactile