Tactical Gear


Tactical gear is often used by the military and by law enforcement officials. Tactical gear often refers to special clothing worn by these individuals, accessories for weapons, and cases to transport various kinds of gear.

One kind of tactical gear clothing contains seven layers of protection from the cold. There is a base layer, an insulation layer, and other layers known as shell layers. These clothes are made for training or tactical operations, and are quite a bit lighter than other different kinds of military clothing. These clothes are able to keep soldiers insulated in temperatures as low as -40 degrees.

Another kind of clothing is fire-resistant. This kind of tactical gear that aviation professionals and people who work in the fuel industry, who are at risk of burns, can use to keep themselves protected. These types of clothing can be altered for members of the military as well. Protection levels including keeping soldiers safe even if they find themselves in temperatures as low as -50 degrees.

There are plenty of other kinds of this gear besides specialized clothing. These include accessories for weapons, including sights, which help shooters improve their aim and accuracy. Other kinds of sights are meant to provide accuracy in dark or dim conditions. Other kinds of weapons accessories include scopes and rails.

There are other kinds of gear that fall into the category of tactical gear. These include items that are used in hiking and backpacking. Some of these items include devices that are used to quench thirst, including hydration packs. In order to make these suitable for the military, these often are adapted to fit soldiers’ needs.

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